Book Review: Poets, Artist, Lovers

35995395.jpgPoets, Artists, Lovers. You can just tell by the title that this is going to be a whirlwind of a book, and it did not disappoint.

A group of friends enjoy monthly parties at each other’s homes in the beautiful country of Romania. They are each artists in their own right: poets, musicians, sculptor, writers, and professors. Life is good, and there is so much to be discovered about one’s self. The cast of characters find themselves twisted in a love plot: Henriette, Ela, Anca, and Maria are all enraptured by Pamfil throughout the whole book. Relationships are disrupted and one can only hope that they can be repaired.

I’ve reached the stage in life where ‘romance’ books are not my go to read. I find most of them cheesy and not close to real life at all. But I really enjoyed Poets, Artists, Lovers (and the acronym is PAL! How wonderful is that?). It had the right amount of romance to soften my heart, while also being believable.

I do wish there was more background on Henriette and Haralambie’s relationship. I did not get a glimpse into it at all. I would have connected more with Henriette if I knew what it was like to be with Haralambie. I also wish the same for Pamfil and Ela. This is one of the relationships that wasn’t quite believable for me. I craved more interaction between them so I could grow with Ela and understand her fascination with Pamfil.

The interaction between the female characters is SPOT ON. I want to be part of their girl group. All of them were so relatable! From being in love and feeling confused, to eating brownies and complaining about weight gain, and to finding out one’s true passion to pursue. I could definitely connect with them on this level.

Overall, Poets, Artist, Lovers by Mira Tudor is a beautiful book about discovering one’s self and the importance of friendship. I give it 3.5 stars!

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