Goodreads Choice Awards 2017

It’s my favorite time of year in the book world! The Goodreads Choice Awards started open voting today and I could not be more excited! So here are my current picks for the Awards. My personal rules for voting (plain and simple): I must have read the book.                                                                                I must have actually liked the book.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Outlander

I started Outlander right after the hype on Goodreads a while back. Little did I know that it was actually written in the early 1990s AND that the series consisted of 8+ books 800+ pages each. Whew. Outlander opens with Claire and her husband Frank. They have both survived WWII and are on a romantic... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Rules of Magic

The Rules of Magic is the prequel to Practical Magic. You can read my review of Practical Magic here. The Rules of Magic tells the story of the two mysterious aunts from Practical Magic, and their brother. We hardly know anything about them, not even their names until the very end. But The Rules of... Continue Reading →

Travel Book Haul

Every time I travel somewhere I always end up taking a stack of books with me and buying books at my destination. Never fails. This past weekend I went to my alma mater’s homecoming festivities. And with the 5 hour drive and knowing I would have some reading time, I brought a stack of books... Continue Reading →

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