Nonfiction November Recap

I definitely did not get through all the books I wanted to read for NonFiciton November, but I am satisified with what I read. Know Who You Are by Tim Tebow How to Read Literature Like a Professor Endurance: Sheckleton's Incredible Voyage The Way We Die Now Only half of these were on my TBR... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Way We Die Now

Death. Not necessarily something we think about every day, but something that is always looming in the background. Why did I pick up a book about death? I’m not sure I can really tell you. Maybe the cover was pleasing or I wanted to know what was inside the pages. The Way We Die Now... Continue Reading →

EBook vs Paper Copy

Welcome to the digital age! You are now reading this book review blog on a computer screen or phone and I typed it up on my computer and posted it online with other sites and articles. Everything is electronic these days. My day job consists of me looking at a computer screen all day and... Continue Reading →

Black Friday Book Haul!

How could I not resist buying books on Black Friday? I am a member to both Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million. Unfortunately, both of them are about an hour from where I live so I don't get to go there very often. I did have a B&N near my family when we visited for Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Xenoman

I’m usually not a futuristic novel reader, but sometimes I do pick one up. Some of them are just so over my head that I lose interest, but it was not this way with Xenoman. Xenoman takes place in a future where the majority of the population is addicted to a drug called Sunlight. But... Continue Reading →

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