EBook vs Paper Copy

Welcome to the digital age! You are now reading this book review blog on a computer screen or phone and I typed it up on my computer and posted it online with other sites and articles. Everything is electronic these days. My day job consists of me looking at a computer screen all day and I come home to look at another one. . . Such is life in 2017.

And now the big question appears: Do I like EBooks of Paperback books? Well, let’s explore what I think about both.


I grew up going to the library every weekend during the summer. I participated in the children’s summer reading program and my mom diligently drove us to the library in Myrtle Beach every weekend. I still think on these memories and I will forever be grateful that my mom took us to the library and allowed my sister and I the freedom to read. (My parents even let us read at the table in restaurants while we waited for our food!!!! Talk about awesome parenting!)

Anyway, my books were always hard copies and that is what I grew up with. Most of my books came from the library. My parents would sometimes buy me books, or I bought them with whatever money I could save.

Now that I’m ‘grown’ and have my own paycheck, I buy a ton of books. My first year out of college, I went to BAM if not every day, then several times a week. I just couldn’t stay away. I joined a book club and I wanted a paper copy of all the books we read. I would also browse the bargain section every time I stepped in. My bedroom soon became over run with books, but it was heaven to me (I’m still working my way through reading all the books I bought then, not even close.)

I always feel more connect with a book when I have a paper copy in my hand. I can look back quickly if I missed something and I find physically turning pages quite satisfying.


I got a Kindle Fire my freshman year of college (my sister chose an iPad; I could have gotten one at the time, but I didn’t and I definitely do not regret that decision). The Kindle opened up a whole new avenue for me.

Ebooks are a whole lot cheaper than paper copies. I signed up for BookBub and it sends me deals for the day and I can free books every day! Think on that for a while.

I’m also a person who likes having a book (or two in case I’m close to finishing the other) with me at all times. I prefer purses with enough room for a book in them. But with the Kindle, I can have 1001 books in just one small tablet. It’s great! If I get bored with one book, I can move on to the next one. Simple.

The rough part is when it beeps to tell me the battery is low. Ugh. But also the perk of reading with a backlight in the dark.


I actually like both. Some books I can read as an EBook, others I prefer paper copy to really digest it. But that depends on the book. There are pros and cons to both. And I use both on a regular basis.

How about you? Which one do you prefer?


PS- After much reflecting, I really do prefer paper copies but I’m not closed off to ebooks.

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