Book Review: Silent Night

IMG_20171130_203423941_HDR.jpgMy first December TBR book is done! I’m feeling quite accomplished at the month, so hopefully the momentum will continue.

Catherine Dornan’s life has completely turned upside down. Her husband is in the hospital recovering from surgery due to leukemia. She takes her boys into New York to look at the windows and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Brian, Catherine’s youngest son, goes missing in the crowd during a street performance.

The police are busy trying to locate Brian, but also to catch a very violent criminal loose on the streets. Catherine tries to stay strong for her husband and older son and Brian finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Mary Higgins Clark has done an excellent job in creating a full, suspenseful story in less than 200 pages. I didn’t connect to the characters, though I could relate to them on a certain level. The story was short, so I couldn’t quite get there with this book. And obviously for a Christmas novel, the ending was quite predictable. But the journey to get there was a good one.

Overall, Silent Night by Mary Higgins Clark gets 3 starts.


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