Book Review: Anne of Green Gables

33115314.jpgThis is a childhood favorite! I grew up watching the movies at my Grandma’s house. I do have the book on my shelf, but 1) I didn’t know it and 2) I never had the time. I got the Audible book for free when Audible was celebrating 20 years (I definitely took advantage of the free books).

Anne Shirley is an orphan who is taken in by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. The siblings origianlly wanted a boy to help around the farm, but they decided to keep her. Anne is full of spirit and imagination that sometimes gets out of hand. But she is bright, smart, and passionate about everything she does.

I really don’t think I can say more than what others have already said about this book. I believe it’s a great book for children. We seen Anne as a misfit, she’s a pale, red-headed orphan that gets her happy ending. Despite her hard beginning, she overcomes all of that to be the smartest girl in school. She uses her imagination to make the best of the situation around her. She loves passionately and cares for her friends and family very deeply.

Overall, Anne of Green Gables is beautiful, coming of age story that gets 4 stars.


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