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I have many bookshelves filled with books in almost every room of my house. And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve bought the same book twice! I really wanted a way to keep track of all the books I own so I could better read them all. A simple Google search found Libib.


Libib is an online personal library. You simple manually add or scan (my favorite feature) books onto your ‘bookshelves.’

I now have access to all the books on my shelf. The software works similarly to Goodreads. You can update your status, review, and rate books. There is also a mobile app – I can look at what I have on my bookshelf from my phone. Or if someone asks to borrow a book, I can easily look it up.

Libib has been a simple and easy way to keep track of what is on my bookshelves.


5 thoughts on “Libib Personal Library

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    1. It really is just like Goodreads, but the user interface is dumbed down and super simple. I can review, log my progress, etc. But it does not have the ‘social media’ aspect that GR has. I have one friend and I can see some of her activity, but that’s about it.
      It’s great as a tool to keep track of the books you actually own. (I tend to buy a book and find out I already own it.)

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  1. Oh this looks good – I really only use GR as a database at the moment for various reasons, so might start using this for the ‘mundane’ side of things and GR for the social side ..! Thanks for bringing my attention to it!

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