52 Journal Prompts

I’ve always wanted to do journal prompts. I’ve been a journaler since I was in 7th grade. I got a new journal every July. When college started and I had classes, Facebook, etc. my journal took a back burner. I’ve been trying to get back into it (my friend made me a beautiful journal!). The monthly journal prompts seem a big leap, having to journal every day. A 52-prompt list is more reasonable, that’s only one a week.

  1. Write an ‘About Me’ about yourself
  2. A list of things your’re thankful for
  3. Small things that make you happy
  4. The last time you celebrated something
  5. The best thing that happened to you this week
  6. Something you want to change about yourself
  7. Something you could do right now to get you closer to where you want to be in life
  8. Someone you love
  9. A skill you want to learn
  10. Your favortie quote right now
  11. Something that you thing holds you back
  12. A word that actually describes your life, and a word you wish described your life
  13. Someone you admire and why you admire them
  14. Something you’te stressed about
  15. Something that’s been making you laugh lately
  16. The happiest moment in your week so far
  17. Write a letter to teenage you
  18. What you like the most about yourself
  19. The one dream you have that you just can’t stop thinking about
  20. The biggest way you’ve changed in the past year
  21. The last bad day you had
  22. The place you currently call home
  23. Your best quality
  24. The last time you tried something new
  25. Three rules you try to live by
  26. Your family
  27. Your bucket list
  28. 5 big goals you have for your life
  29. The last person you said, ‘I love you’ to
  30. A list of things you love about this season of you life
  31. Pros and Cons of your job
  32. How you’ve been spending your free time lately
  33. A list of your facorite books and why you love them
  34. Your best friend
  35. Something you’re scared of
  36. Your dream job
  37. Something you’re really good at
  38. Your bad habits
  39. A tradition you want to have with your own family
  40. Sum up what you believe in one page
  41. Your favorite things about the town you live in
  42. Describe your day in 5 words
  43. The last time you broke the rules
  44. Where you hope to be in 5 years
  45. What you think you would be doing with your life if money didn’t matter
  46. Write a letter to your future self
  47. Something you’re really proud of
  48. Your favorite way to relax
  49. One way you’d like to grow in the next year
  50. Your favorite way to spend a Friday
  51. A project you’re working on
  52. How you think you’re making the world a better place





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