Cleaning Up for the New Year

2018 is just around the corner! Over the past two months I have slowly been getting my life together to start 2018 off right!

The first big thing I did was go through my TBR list on Goodreads. That was an eleven part series, and it did not even cover half the books on the list! I have been very particular about what I add to my TBR list, I don’t want it to get out of control again!

The next thing I’ve accomplished it going through my closet. I have a ton of clothes. My husband has given me the master closet while he takes the guest bedroom closet. (How sweet is that!) I change my closet over every season and I try to get rid of things I don’t wear or clothing that doesn’t fit. I do keep the expensive name brand items in case I can fit into them (hey, I have goals!). I can’t tell you how many bags of clothes I’ve taken to Goodwill this year. (We are also working on Brent’s dresser drawers – there are so many tshirts that there is no way he will wear them all!)

Next is my bookshelves. I’ve put all the books I own on my Libib shelves. I’ve also used this to know what books I’ve read/haven’t read. If I’ve read them, and don’t plan on reading them again I donate them to my local library. It is not only a tax write off, but I add more shelf space (for more books!).

One of the things I created this year was a Google Spreadsheet of everything I needed to keep track of. So far it seems it will work just fine. I can check on my computer and on my phone.


I have sheets for my goals, my routine, birthdays and holidays (I’m terrible at sending out cards!), my Bible reading, the books I read in 2018, the Popsugar reading challenge, the 52 journal prompts, and my Christmas list for next year.

What really got me on this system was the Christmas list. This year, I put all the names of people I had to buy for on a spreadsheet and then add the gifts I bought. I could pull it up on my phone while shopping. I can also keep track of the presents, so I don’t loose them or forget about them.


I also use Google Calendar to keep track of blog posts, to-do lists, family birthdays, etc. I color code everything and it makes it easier to visually see my progress. I’m definitely going to be using this for a while (maybe forever).

I want to get the most out of next year and I’m hoping this system can help me stay organized.

How do you prep for the New Year?


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