2017 Favorites

This year has been a great one for reading! I’ve read just over 80 books and I’m surprised that I had some new books to add to my Ultimate Favorites list.

Here are my favorite books of 2017 (in no particular order).


4321 by Paul Auster

Ok, I know I said there isn’t an order to this list, but I lied. 4321 has been my absolute most favorite book this year and has made it to my Ultimate Favorites list. I was so involved with this book, I even made a chart to help me keep track of all the story lines. This book really made me think about the decisions I make and how they affect not just my life, but the lives of others.

Ok, now in no particular order:


Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

This book came in my BOTM box early this year. I was a little unsure on how well I would like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a true crime book that read a bit like a novel. The murders of the Osage Indians were NEVER on my radar, but this book changes how you view the establishment of the American West.


A Million Junes by Emily Henry

This is another BOTM book that I loved. A Million Junes has also made my Ultimate Favorites list. It’s a beautiful story of a girl who lost her father and a family fued that has been going on for several generations. The story is just absolutely beautiful and satisfying.


The Hollow Men by Rob McCarthy

I tend to float toward crime fiction and mysteries and this one fit the bill! A teen holds up a restaurant and keeps hostages. Dr. Kent is sent in to help the teen. When a gun shot is fired outside the restaurant, police storm the restaurant and shoots the teen. Dr. Kent saves the teen in the ER, but someone is out to kill the young teen. This story went so deep into a crime, that I was hooked in. The second book is available in the UK, I’m patiently waiting for it to be available in the US.


And the Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee

This is a political thriller that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed getting to know the British government and the espionage aspect kept me turning the page. I got this from BookGobbler, they have new titles available!


Troy’s Possibilities by Rodney Strong

This one was recommended to me by Joni Dee, and I loved it! Troy has a unique ability to live possibilities, but this ability makes it hard to determine what is real and what is a possibility. This one also came from BookGobbler.


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