Book Review: The Woman in the Window

This is expected to be THE BOOK for 2018. It was let down for me, like The Girls was last year. Anna Fox is The Woman in the Window. She has shut herself inside her house for eleven months, ordering supplies online and observing her neighbors in their day to day activities. The PTSD and... Continue Reading →

February Reading Plan

January is almost over!! Have you broken any of your resolutions yet? I have, I'll admit. I've also been on a roll with reading books. I've cranked out 9 books in January! That's a great start to completing my goal for the year. But I feel like I've been finishing one right after the other.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Artemis

This review is part of my Buddy Read with Finding Land! Artemis is a civilization based on the moon. The Kenyan Space Center has created a vacation destination for earth, but it’s very expensive. Jazz and her father immigrated to Artemis in the early years as part of the work force. Jazz is extremely bright... Continue Reading →

January 2018 BOTM

My BOTM box came in this week! Here is what was in my box: The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce It is 1988. On a dead-end street in a run-down suburb there is a music shop that stands small and brightly lit, jam-packed with records of every kind. Like a beacon, the shop attracts the... Continue Reading →

My Reading Habits

I have so people ask me how I read so many books. Last year I read 86 books, and to be honest I'm ashamed of that number. I want to be able to read at least 100 books a year. And compaired to the ladies I follow on Goodreads, they are breaking 200 a year.... Continue Reading →

Carnegie’s Maid Blog Tour and Review

Clara Kelley leaves her Irish home and sails to America. Her goal is to find work and save enough money for passage to Pittsburgh to live with distant family. Once she arrives, someone she doesn’t know calls her name to board a carriage to Pittsburgh. With no other options, Clara climbs aboard and begins her... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Ninth Hour

Suicide affects people on so many levels. It can affect a person, a family, a community, etc. When Jim commits suicide in his own home, the consequences stretch several generations. Annie finds herself a pregnant widow. She worries about what is to be done with her husband’s body and what she will do with a... Continue Reading →

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