New Years Resolutions

Every year I set resolutions, and every year I fail at most of them. This year I’ve set a list of broad goals for the year.

Eat Healthier: My goal here is to be more mindful of what I eat. I want to eat more greens and less carbs. I’m going to practice the 80/20 rule here (80% clean, 20% indulgence).

Exercise: This is the biggest one. I join the Y last year, but that didn’t last long. I could stop by on my way home from work, but it was out of the way while I was at home. With my current work schedule, that is almost impossible. But I want to make more of an effort.

Journaling: I used to be a huge journaler, but that’s slacked off with full time job and other life responsibilities. I wan to get back into it. I find I am more mentally clear when I journal regularly

Blogging: I have been so happy with the progress my blog has taken over the past 4 months. I never thought I would be where I am today in this short amount of time. I’m planning to really focus on the blog and adding more content (gradually). I am keeping with my goal of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (which I have exceeded so far).

Reading: I’m uping my Goodreads challenge to 80 books this year. I’ve kept it safe around 70 for far too long. I also want to get caught up on all my ARCs and then keep the number to a manageable amount. I have already cleaned up my currently reading list and keep it 2-3 at a time. Hopefully I wont have any lingering reads. I also want to utilize my bookshelves more, read those books and clean them out for more. And I want to complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge this year.

Routine: I have definitely become aware of the importance of routine. I have applied it to my mornings and I wake up more quickly, I also have a nightly routine that helps me fall asleep faster. I notice a big difference when I don’t follow my routine. I also have a cleaning routine. Since I can’t do everything every day, the routine helps do a little bit every night to keep my home orderly.

Organization: I really want to stay as organized as possible. My Google Spreadsheet will hopefully be a big assest. The housework is my number one, next my closet, then reading and blogging, and keeping up with holiday and birthday cards.

Writing a Book: I want to write a book so bad! But I don’t have the time and it’s hard to get it on paper. So I hope to get further along than I am right now.




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