Whole30 with Finding Land

My previous posts on my 2018 goals discussed my goals for reading and writing/blogging in the upcoming year. I have attempted to keep my goals manageable and limited to three categories: personal, recreational (reading), and professional (writing and blogging). I’ve shared my recreational and professional goals, so now I will share my personal goals. My […]

via 2018 Goals: Personal — Finding Land

HEY GUYS! Happy New Year! I’m sure all of you have some sort of goal(s) for the New Year. I listed mine out earlier today.

When Rose posted about her Whole30 Challenge she was going to do, I was so excited! I was actually researching the Whole30 the day day before. I want to eat healthier, lose a little weight, and overall feel better – feel alive. I’m really looking forward to the Whole30 Challenge. I’ve been researching and planning for the past two weeks, and it’s scary to think that now I am actually putting all that planning to use. I will be documenting my meals and progress on here as I go.

So how about you? Do you want to jumpstart your New Year-New You? You can join Brittany’s Pages and Finding Land for the #findinglandwhole30 Challenge!


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