Whole30 Week 1 Recap

I have almost survived my first week on Whole30. I definitely wouldn’t be continuing if I wasn’t doing it with Rose. I never wanted a burger, loaded cheese fries, or chocolate so bad in my life.

For those who don’t know, Whole30 is 30 of an AIP (anti-inflammatory paleo) lifestyle. It’s removing scientifically know ‘problem’ foods for 30 whole days to heal your body and to reset your system.

The rules:

No alcohol

No added sugar (including honey, agave, etc.)

No legumes (no beans, but pod beans are ok, like green beans, snow peas, etc)

No grains (no bread, rice, etc)

No dairy

After 30 days of no cheating, you can then reintroduce these foods slowly, one at time. This will help determine if you might have a food allergy or food sensitivity that you did not know previously existed.

Why am I doing Whole30? Because nothing else has worked. I’ve tried everything to get myself healthy and where I should be, I ‘watched’ what I ate, counted calories, SlimFast, etc. I want to change myself and how I think about food, to make better choices. And no better time to start than now.

I have noticed a difference in energy, skin, weight, and mental clarity.

Day 1:

I had the day off and after getting home at 2am, we had a much needed sleep in. Breakfast for me was egg cups wrapped in (sugar-less) bacon.


Dinner was simple. Kale chips (SO GOOD!! Just kale, olive oil, and garlic salt roasted in the oven. Main dish was chicken in a (coconut) mild sauce over (cauliflower) rice.


Day 2:

Back to the grind of a work day. Thankfully I wasn’t that hungry. Lunch was a tossed salad consisting of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green bell pepper. I used a homemade raspberry walnut dressing from The Whole30 Cookbook.


I was still a little hungry after lunch, and you can’t go wrong with carrots as a snack.


I got a craving for something sweet. A banana was a great alternative.


For dinner I had the inspiration to use portabella mushroom caps as a bun for a burger. Besides the mushrooms being a little thick and dense, it tasted AMAZING. I added homemade mayo and ketchup. I also cooked up some turkey burgers and sampled one. And of course, a bowl of kale chips.


Evening snack was a Larabar. These are supposed to be for emergencies only, but man they taste so good. Make sure to read all ingredients. Cashew Cookie is currently my favorite.



Day 3:

Carrots for breakfast. Because I felt like it.


Lunch was two turkey burger patties. Followed by a Larabar.


Midafternoon snack:


Dinner was an experiment. I cooked kale chips (told you I was addicted), sweet potatoes, and salmon. I love a salmon sauce with sour cream, lemon, lemon zest, and dill, but sour cream is dairy. I substituted the sour cream for coconut cream and it was >almost< just as good.

AND Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon and Almond Butter is so good!



Day 4:

Snow Morning, so I stayed in bed a little longer before heading to work. Results were steak and eggs for breakfast:


Midmorning snack:


Lunch was a mixed between leftover chicken and a turkey burger. (no photo, oops!)

Midafternoon snack:


Dinner consisted of kale chips, half an avocado, and one and a half sweet potatoe with cinnamon and almond butter.


Day 5:

I wasn’t too hungry this morning. I settled for a cup of coffee with french vanilla nutpod creamer (sugar free, dairy free, etc).


Morning snack was a handful of raw almonds. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t hungry, I was bored. But I have noticed that I do snack less than I did pre-Whole30.


Lunch was a sweet potatoe with cinnamon and almond butter.


I got really tired on this day. Just wore out.

After (another) trip to the store, dinner was homemade oven fries with homemade ranch. I can’t find the picture I took. And chicken meatballs.


Day 6

Can’t believe I woke up at 5am on a Saturday to go to work. Anyway, cooked steak and eggs in the kitchen at work.


Lunch consisted of ordering in (eekk!). I got a salad with no cheese, no croutons, no onions, and no dressing. Thankfully I had my homemade raspberry-walnut vinegarette stored in the fridge (and I forgot to take a photo, again).


Dinner, Brent was so nice in cooking. He fixed shrimp scampi with zoodles. It wasn’t all that great for either of us. So I then fixed oven fries.



That’s the wrap up for my first week of Whole30!


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