Book Review: Scars

51NEFANtLEL.jpgAnabelle Cahill struggles to recover from a car accident that killed her brother. Physically, she is fine, despite a huge scar that runs from chest to abdomen. Mentally, she still struggles with flashbacks, guilt, and her appearance. She doesn’t trust that many people.

While working a catering gig, she has a chance encounter with Luke Klein. To get himself out of a jam, he hires her one the spot as a PR assistant for his company. Ana is shocked. She becomes even more surprised when she discovers that Luke Klein is on one of the heirs to Klein Enterprises, a chain of luxury hotels. Curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to see if this opportunity is legitimate.

Anabelle enters the world of the Kleins: lavish parties, powerful individuals, and a massive cover-up. Bill Klein, the hard driving patriarch of the Klein family, has done his best to cover up some incident that happened in Canada involving Luke. With Ana as a member of the PR team, she seeks to know the truth.

But Ana has her own secrets as well. She hides them, like she hides her scar, and doesn’t want to open up to anyone about them. As she gets to know Luke more, she slowly begins to let him in.

Scars by Eliza Bates is a fast paced romance novel that will sweep you off your feet. From the beginning, she had me hooked and I read it in one day. The characters were relatable. Despite some other recent romance books, this one was more realistic and believable. I am desperately waiting for the next book in the series from Eliza Bates.

The only thing that I did not really like was the beginning. To me, Luke and Anabelle’s first meeting was a little off. It just didn’t seem to flow very well.

But the romance between them was so good. For me, it wasn’t a matter of will they, it was a matter of WHEN!?! It really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Scars by Eliza Bates gets 4.5 stars.

Scars was provided to me by the author. This is a paid review. As I stand by my integrity as a reviewer, all reviews and opinions are my own.


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