Why I’m Quitting My Whole30

Obviously, by the title, I am quitting my Whole30 for January. I know it probably feels stupid to quit after only a week, but I have my reasons. The biggest being that I am traveling so much. And I couldn’t even think about going to a restaurant this past week.

Savannah, GA Jan 12-14th

Previously Scheduled Cook-Off Jan 20th

Work Party in DC Jan 27-28th

SPBGMA – Nashville, TN Feb 1-4th

I’ve never been to Savannah and I’m really looking to enjoying it (though it will be in the 30s). And I am not saying no to Paula Deen’s restaurant where everything is cooked in butter.

I was ready to be Paleo for our chili cook-off, just a simple whole30 chili and I would do the tallies. I might still follow my original plan.

My work throws a huge party for their employees every year. And by huge, I mean free hotel stay at the Ritz, catered costume party with open bar, and immense dance floor. Yeah. Huge. And I wasn’t about to miss out on that.

SPBGMA falls after my Whole30, but during the reintroduction stage. I know there are some great farm to table restaurants, but I didn’t want to have to worry about the stress or getting sick for eating something.

That is my biggest reason for quitting my Whole30 this time. I don’t feel like a failure. It wasn’t a New Year Resolution for me. And I did learn a lot.

Before starting a Whole30, plan-plan-plan. I planned for two weeks before starting Whole30. I read books, I researched recipes. I had homemade mayo, ketchup, salsa, and ranch all ready. It made it a bit easier. I even tested out some recipes before I actually started.

I also would recommend cleaning out the house of noncompliant food. Brent didn’t do Whole30 with me and it was harder to follow the rules with all the temptation. I would also do it with a friend. I was doing it with Rose and (bless her heart) would receive all my texts of complaining and questions about Whole30. She is the best!

Whole30 is hard. I went to the grocery store multiple times a week and spent a lot of money.

I spent way more time in the kitchen instead of enjoying my time away from work. I would come home after a 10+ hour work day and spend another hour or more cooking compliant food. It was taking time away from my husband, my self, and other things that needed my attention.

BUT. . .

I did learn a lot of things while on Whole30 for a full 7 days. It is hard. So many foods contain sugar, soybean oil, etc. It’s disappointing.

We do have a terrible relationship with food. I found myself wanting to snack more than once, and it was when I wasn’t hungry. I would want to snack because I was bored. How pathetic is that? I found that eating wholesome, nutrious meals packed with protein helped to keep me from ‘needing’ snacking.

We use food as a reward. While I was doing Whole30, Brent was just ‘trying to eat healthier.’ Well, it was January 3rd and he wanted junk food, his excuse: ‘Well I’ve been eating really good!’ To me, two days of eating healthy does not mean you can award yourself with pigging out on ‘bad food.’ This is something that I realized while on Whole30.

I now have better guidelines for what I should be eating. After experiencing the Whole30, I know know what eating healthy should be like and I can avoid the ‘unhealthy’ foods better. But I will not be stressing myself out about whether I can go eat in a restaurant or not.

So that is my story with my first Whole30. Again, I don’t feel like a failure. I feel that I have learned a lot and will be able to apply it today and tomorrow and so on.

Will I ever complete a Whole30? I hope to later this year, we’ll see.



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