Journal Prompt Week 4: The Last Time I Celebrated Something

Last Saturday, we hosted our second annual Chili Cook-Off. We went to one in 2016 with friends in PA and I thought it was a wonderful idea (and I’m starting to really enjoy the hosting part!).


Here’s the whole spread! Not the greatest of pictures, but it’s what I could do since I almost forgot pics.

We had four chilis this year. I love this little serving tray, I loaded it with sour cream, two types of cheese, saltines, and tostios chips.

We had plenty of bowls for everyone to get a clean one for each tasting. After we all sampled, we had big bowls of our favorites.

PS- that table in the back belongs to a friend, he’s a liscensed chiropractor and we all got adjustments. Definitely a plus!

I know chicken chilis never win, but I LOVE chicken chili and made it this year.

And. . .


I won! I definitely didn’t want to win (I’m hosting after all! and Brent won last year, and I didn’t want that trophy in my house), but I have to admit that my chicken chili was really really good!




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