Book Review: The Woman in the Window

34848682.jpgThis is expected to be THE BOOK for 2018. It was let down for me, like The Girls was last year.

Anna Fox is The Woman in the Window. She has shut herself inside her house for eleven months, ordering supplies online and observing her neighbors in their day to day activities. The PTSD and Agoraphobia keep her inside. One evening, Anna sees something in the window she’s not supposed to see – a woman being murdered. Unfortunately, no one believes the crazy drunk shut-in, but Anna believes what she saw. With many twists and turns, The Woman in the Window keeps you reading til the end.

For me, this book was a mix between Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train (without the Train). It was definitely a thriller with a few twists thrown in that kept me wanting to read. Other than that, I did not really enjoy this book. Probably because I just could not stand the narrator.

I really did not have a lot of patience for Anna. She is an alcoholic pill popper who couldn’t stay sober for people to actually start to believe her. I was definitely ready for this story to end about half way through. I knew from some other reviews that there were some twists, so I suffered through til the end.

Was the ending worth listening for it? Yes it was. Would I read it again or recommend it to anyone? No.

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn receives 2 stars.


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