Book Review: The Wishing Spell

11607446The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell is part of my Series Project.

Twins Connor and Alex are just two children trying to put their life back to normal. Their father has recently passed away and their lives took a drastic turn. Their mother works double shifts to make ends meet. Connor is struggling with school, and Alex does not have many friends.

The only thing that helps them cope, is remembering the stories their dad always told them. They are from grandma’s book, The Land of Stories. They are a mix of fairy tales and some new ones. When Grandma comes to visit, she gives the book to the children. Alex is extremely excited for fairy tales are her absolutely favorite!

One night, Alex discovers something wrong with the book. As things touch the pages, they disappear! Alex and Connor try to figure it out, when they suddenly fall into the book! They find themselves in a forest surrounded by the missing items. The twins are very confused at where they are. A frog-man finds them and lets them stay the night at his house.

It becomes apparent to the twins that they have fallen into The Land of Stories, the place they have spent some much time imagining. Froggy tells the twins of The Wishing Spell, a magic spell that can grant any wish. Armed with an old journal and their knowledge of fairy tales, the twins set out to collect the items needed.

This task isn’t easy. Alex and Connor run into wolves, guards, trolls, goblins, and many more terrifying situations. And they aren’t the only ones collecting Wishing Spell items. The twins must find the items first before the Evil Queen or they will be trapped in The Land of Stories forever.

First off, this book is SO. LONG. As a children’s book, I was expecting to fly through the 400+ pages, but nope. It took me a good while. I had it checked out from the library for 2 months and then finished it on audiobook for the last 100 pages. It seemed long and drawn out.

But I can how great this is as a middle grade book. It was quirky and exciting. It’s all the fairy tales we heard as children, but we get the next part of the story. Here in this land, all the stories are connected and they come together beautifully.

PS- I want to be a fairy!!!!

The thing I loved about this book was the difficult life issues that happen. How Alex and Connor deal with the death of a parent, how they each handle their problems at school. Colfer handled this very well and brought with him a way to deal with the grief.

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer gets 3 stars.

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