Book Review: Leviathan

6050678.jpgWelcome to post WWII Europe, steampunk style. We have the Darwinists vs the Clankers and it’s going to be an interesting war.

Alek is the son of the Archduke of Austria, his parents have just been murdered and he’s on the run for his life. Thankfully, his father and tutor have already set up precautions. Alek and his crew sprint towards the Switzerland border in a large cyclops clanker – a battle machine.

Deryn has joined the British Air Service disguised as a boy. She loves flying. Due to a mishap during the recruitment, Deryn finds herself as part of the crew of the Leviathan, a large Darwinist air ship made from many different animal species. The Leviathan’s mission is take a special passenger to the Ottoman Empire, Dr. Barlow – the granddaughter of Charles Darwin.

Alek and Deryn meet through unfortunate circumstances, but each will need the other if they are to accomplish each’s mission and goal.

Confession time: I love going to Dragoncon every year. It’s a highlight for me. I get to meet actors and authors, see the cosplay and impressive costumes. It’s so much fun! Just a huge party in downtown Atlanta. My favorite outfits are the Steampunk ones. They are so chic and put together. I definitely want to try to create my own costume one year. But I have never read a steampunk book until now. I have TBR list for them, but never stumbled across one.

Leviathan was a really interesting read. There are basically two types of ‘war’ machines. The Clankers and Darwinists. The Clankers consist of metal machines used for mass destruction. Darwinists have ship that are part machine, part animal. They can fly and even rejuvenate and heal themselves. It was so fascinating to read about!

The book was very well done, though I feel a lot of it was from the inside of the characters’ heads. I did get annoyed with Deryn. I have a thing for stupid characters. In my mind I scream: ‘DON’T DO IT!! DON’T DO IT! YOU DID IT! WHY COULDN’T YOU LEAVE IT ALONE!!’ I had one of those moments, and I almost put the book down. But I’m glad I didn’t.

Leviathan is part of a trilogy and it leaves just enough unknown for the reader to want to continue reading the rest of the series. I do feel it could have been fleshed out a bit more, but all in all, it was good!

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld gets 3 stars.

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  1. I was looking for another of your reviews, and can’t believe I missed this one! I read the whole Leviathan series in high school and loved it. Your review makes me want to go back and see how I’d like it now. Love it!

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