Book Review: The Enchantress Returns

17722973.jpgThe Land of Stories continues with The Enchantress Returns.

The Enchantress, who cursed Sleeping Beauty and caused chaos throughout the Land of Stories, has returned. And she has more on her agenda than just casting curses and spells.

Alex and Connor have been away from the Fairy Tale world for a year, not seeing their Grandmother and unable to return. But there are other problems they are facing, their mom’s new boyfriend.

While waiting for their mother to arrive home, their grandmother appears and puts all of them on house arrest. Their mom has been kidnapped by the Enchantress! Alex and Connor want to help, but are under the watchful eye of Mother Goose.

Alex manages to get away from the house and head to their Grandmother’s house. Connor joins her and they both try to find a portal into the fairy tale world.

Once they are back in the fairy tale world, they come across of old friends and together they go on a quest to collect items to build a wand powerful enough to defeat the Enchantress.

I definitely enjoyed The Enchantress more than The Wishing Spell. The depth of connections between the fairy tale characters keeps getting deeper and I am just in awe. I’m tempted to create a chart of the connections.

The plot for this second adventure is a rehash of the first. A villain, a similar quest to collect items, etc. But the cast of characters is so broad and wonderful, if this was a movie, I would definitely watch it. The book didn’t feel as long and drawn out as The Wishing Spell did, for me it was more enjoyable that way.

The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer receives 4 stars.




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