My Hogwarts House

As most bookworms, I’ve read the Harry Potter series. I actually did not read them til I was in college, but I enjoyed them nontheless. I watched the movies after I read the books. I am now a proud owner of all the books and all the movies.

I remember while I was reading the books, I discovered Pottermore with my friend Holly.

We took our house sorting quizzes together. Of course, ‘back in the day’ the quiz was much different and we could very easily select certain houses to get into a certain house.

A few weeks ago, I decided to get back into Pottermore. I’m really surprised by how much the website has changed! It’s extremely difference than how it looked 5+ years ago.

I took the much altered, more complex sorting quiz and my house is. . .






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  1. Hufflepuff is a great house. I felt like, in the books, it just seemed like a bit of a joke, but it’s actually great. I was just thinking of the different houses last night, and sorting some of my own characters into the different houses. It made me think that the joke one might actually be Gryffindor. 😛
    Also, I’m like 95% sure that Hermoine should have been a Ravenclaw, and that if Ron had a bit of a brain he would have probably belonged in Slytherin. Then again, Crabbe and Goyle ended up Slytherin, so maybe you don’t need a brain after all….

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    1. I know! The only houses in the books are Gryffindor and Slytherin. The others were only mentioned a few times with some minor characters.
      When I worked daycare in college, a whole family took the quiz and bought all the kids merchandise for their houses and they were so thrilled! I knew I needed to be proud of my house. I’m looking forward to looking for some Hufflepuff paraphernalia.

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