Book Review: Kids, Camels, & Cairo

30307666Kids, Camels, & Cairo by Jill Dobbe has been one of the best travel/memoir books I’ve ever read. Jill’s writing is concise and charming, I would seriously read anything that she writes.

Jill and her husband decided to sell their house and teach abroad. They’ve done it before. After visiting job fairs, they decided on positions at a school in Cairo, Egypt. They packed up their things and moved their lives across the country.

The Dobbe’s experienced many difficulties, including language, religion, and culture. But they remained open minded and adapted really well.

Jill’s book is part travel book and part memoir. I really admire people who write their own personal stories for others to read. It’s a brave act to do. Jill has a approached this book so well. It might be the teacher in her, but everything she wrote in this book is so interesting. It flows so well from story to story and I soaked up every single word. I just wish it wasn’t so short!

This book could easily be 5 stars, but I rated it lower due to a personal disagreement for one decision she made, I’m not going to go into detail.

Overall, Jill Dobbe has brought a great book about living in Cairo. Kids, Camels, and Cairo get 4 stars. 

Thank you BookGobbler for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Kids, Camels, & Cairo

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  1. Thank you Brittany for reading and reviewing my book. Could you also put your review on Good Reads and Amazon? I’d really appreciate it.

    I can’t help wondering if you didn’t like our decision to take Ali out of school for her senior year? If that’s the case I just want to let you know that she is a fantastic international IB biology teacher in Honduras, and she met her new husband here. If that’s not it then please let me know what it was. I am so curious.

    All the best, Jill

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    1. That’s it actually! I was moved right before my senior year so I related to that. It might have been the wording of the decision and situation in the book that shaped my thoughts on it. But it shows we bring personal experiences to the books we read.

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