Journal Prompt Week 9: A Skill You Want to Learn

When I was a high school senior, I signed myself up for anatomy class. It was a log of work and studying and cutting up dead things. My idea at the time was to be an animal vet, but halfway through the year I decided I was going to study business instead. Business was broad and I could do anything with it. My aspirations at the time were to become a paralegal and work in a law office. (Another career path was becoming a lawyer, but I didn’t want to go through that much school.) I even have a senior Tshirt that says ‘Hey I’m a senior and I want to be a PARALEGAL when I grow up.’

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking at online paralegal certifications. And my local community college offers one online! How great is that! I want to do it eventually, it’s something I always wanted to do. Hopefully in the future I can make it happen.


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