Book Review: The Music Shop

26854212The Music Shop, the one place where vinyl is still going strong and music is a special remedy. Frank has spent his life caring for vinyl, becoming in tune to music, and refusing to sell CDs. He has a special ability to be able to give people the music that they need, not that they want. Frank has helped people overcome breakups, heartbreak, alcoholism, and many other life happenings.

Frank’s shop is located on Unity Street, a row of shops and townhomes that has been around for a while. The shop owners here are very close, helping each other through anything and everything. There’s a bakery, a religious gift shop, tattoo parlor, and a host of other characters. They all share the same resolve, to keep their shops even under the pressure of offers from Fort Development.

One day, a strange woman comes to the shop and she faints on the sidewalk. After helping the woman, the people on Unity Street begin to wonder who she is and what her story could be. The woman, Ilse, keeps returning to The Music Shop and asks Frank to teach her about music. This starts a relationship between them that neither seem to notice. Frank has issues from his past and Ilse has issues of her own. The two need to overcome their pasts in order for their future to thrive.

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce was a nice read, but that’s just what it is, nice. The story with Frank and Ilse just didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t necessarily an ‘insta-love’ relationship, but it didn’t excite me nor did I feel that I cared what happened between them.

Also, the shop assistant Kit is super annoying. BUT he did provide some comic relief to an otherwise monotonous story.

In my opinion, the true story was the one on Unity Street. A tight group of shop keepers versus a land development company (which we know little about). The unity they share is such an empowering story that I think there should have been more on this aspect of the story.

Overall, The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce was cute story that made me want to shop in a vinyl store (which I did; I read this book while on my trip to Nashville).

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce received 3 stars.

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