Book Review: Warcross

29385546If you’ve followed my blog in the early beginnings (only since August), then you know that one of my favorite books is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. When I saw all the buzz on Goodreads about Warcross, I was a little skeptical. I mean, come one, you cannot have another video game/virtual reality book be as great as RPO. Well, Warcross surprised me.

Warcross is a virtual reality game of capture the flag on steroids. Each game is made up of two teams, each team possess a gem that the other team tries to capture. All the games take place in amazing locations and venues.

Emika Chen currently makes her (meager) living as a bounty hunter. She hunts down those who illegally bet on Warcross games. But she only gets paid if she is the first person to alert the police to where the fugitives are. Unfortunately, she has not have a good run. Behind on her rent and desperate for some cash, Emika tries to hack the Warcross opening ceremonies. She only wants to grab a rare power up to sell on the black market. When she uses the hack, she appears in the game with the whole world watching.

After the devastating and embarrassing incident, Emika receives a call from Hideo, the billionaire creator of Warcross. He has a proposition for Emika and offers to fly her to Tokyo. Emika agrees, especially after he pays off all her debts. Hideo needs someone in the games to find someone who has been hacking into the games with complicated code. They pair up and their relationship becomes more than just boss and employee. But Emika also has her own professional Warcross team to worry about. She’s their Architect and needs to help them win this year’s games. With all the pressures, can Emika uncover the larger scheme that’s brewing over Warcross?

I enjoyed Warcross more than I thought I would. It was fast passed, interesting, and fun to read. (I read this in a day.) I love that Emika was hired for her abilities and even got to participate in the professional Warcross games. I was really rooting for her. And her rainbow hair.

I could realistically picture each Warcross tournament in my head. It was so entertaining. Marie Lu has done an excellent job of creating her world within Warcross. And it’s a book set in Tokyo, so that was new for me.

My biggest surprise was the ending. Holy cow. I saw half of it coming, but the other half was really a shocker. I’m very happy that there will be a sequel and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Warcross by Marie Lu gets 4 stars.

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