Book Review: The Kill Order

13089710.jpgThe final installment of The Maze Runner movies is finally out. I loved these books! My friend Holly and I read them in college, thanks to the recommendation of my roommate Katie. They were so good! We were even talking like Gladers for weeks.

The Kill Order is another book that I really struggled to finish. I owned the book and I tried to read it 3 separate times, but the story was just ploddingly slow. Well, like Cinder, this book came up as an audiobook and I thought I could spend my time on this one.

The Kill Order is the history of the flares mentioned in The Maze Runner books. Mark and Trina were in the subway tunnels when the sun flares struck, wrecking the world they knew. Together, with a small band of new friends, they try to survive in the new, scorched world.

While with a group of villagers, a berg arrives and begins shooting people with darts. The darts contain a virus that kills the afflicted immediately. But the virus begins to mutate and spread, causing more problems for Mark and Trina, as well as those who unleashed it.

The Kill Order was slow and quite frankly boring. I didn’t care about most of the characters and the interaction between them felt forced. I was really reading it for the history of what happened and everything else in here felt like fluff.

I did shed a tear at the end, but that was as far as my connection went.

The Kill Order by James Dashner gets 2 stars.

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  1. I lost all my “love” or my interest in this saga a few months ago… I read the 3 first books… and the last one, only two things moved me, and the rest was such a waste of time and lack of imagination haha I don’t know… I couldn’t…

    and don’t get me started on the movies! hahaha Have the read the 5th book? The Fever Code I think that’s the name XD

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    1. I have not read The Fever Code yet. I’m definitely not going to go out of my way to read it. I think my library has it and if I happen to pick up, then I’ll read it. I enjoyed reading them when I read them (4+ years ago). But looking back, they aren’t THAT great of a series.

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      1. Totally, I read them like 3 years ago, so I totally get you, I read the first too, but more like I devour them XD but on the third one I was so: WTH! haha and I don’t think they are worth my time rereading them… maybe listen to them but hmmm too many books to go back to those XD

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