Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

18053060Forget everything that you ever knew about your beloved Oz. Forget charming, innocent Dorothy, forget beautiful, good Glenda, forget cute little Toto, forget it all.

Once Dorothy went back home to Kansas, she wasn’t satisfied with small town life. Glenda brought her back to Oz and Dorothy weaseled her way to the thrown of Oz.

Now Oz needs a hero to save them from the clutches of Princess Dorothy.

Enter Amy Gumm, a Kansas native whose trailer ended up in Oz during a tornado. (Sound familiar?) To Amy, Oz does not look the same, it’s dark and dreary. The residence of Oz live in fear of Dorothy and her friends, the Tinman, the Lion, and the Scarecrow.

Amy joins with the resistance to set Oz free. Her mission – to kill Dorothy.

At first, I didn’t really care for this book. The majority of it was slow and the characters seemed rather shallow. But the adventure in it was well done, as well as the undercover mission.

I find it interesting that Dorothy is portrayed as a bimbo and her once friendly cohorts are now the terrors of the land.

Amy is a character that had a lot of potential. She’s from a trailer park in Kansas and her mother is a pill abuser. You would think that her coming to Oz to save it would spark a bit of heroic good or sense of purpose for her. She does, in a very small way. But really, none of the characters are good. And none of the characters are fully wicked. The world is gray instead of black and white.

Without giving away the ending, it was both satisfying and unsatisfying. But makes a clear path for the rest of the trilogy.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige gets 3 stars.

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