Journal Prompt Week 15: Something That’s Been Making You Laugh Lately

I saw this prompt and had to think about something good that just made me laugh all day long. Well, I didn’t come up with anything.

Then I came home from work to my husband saying something that just made me burst out laughing and keep laughing for the rest of the night. What did he say? I honestly can’t remember. But what I remember certainly made me laugh.

We were driving home from a trip over the weekend and it was my turn to drive. I was following the GPS (which we all know is SO ACCURATE), but I nearly missed our exit. That resulted in me just going fast to make sure we got on the right highway. It wasn’t bad, I’m not a bad driver, but Brent just sits there and pouts ‘MERCIFUL HEAVENS!’ I don’t know why, but I continued to giggle about it for about 15 minutes.

Ever since we got married, Brent has become more of a comedian. And we can’t explain why. Even his close friends since kindergarten have noticed that he’s become more funny than he used to be. I guess marriage looks good on him 😉

He makes me laugh every day. From something stupid he does or a cute text he sends me during the work day. Every time I think of something funny, it has to do with him.

At least I can say I got nice abs out of this marriage.

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