Book Review: Bone Gap

18806240Bone Gap was quite the buzz three years ago. I saw it at my local library and thought I would give it chance, and it has been on my TBR for ages.

Finn and Sean are brothers abandoned by their mother. Sean decided to not go to medical school and became a paramedic while Finn finishes school. Finn is the spacey, unusual boy in town. Everyone has a nickname for him.

Things change when Roza shows up in their barn. Injured and abused, Roza begins to heal and warm up to the two O’Sullivan boys. Together, they laugh and smile, tend to the garden and eat delicious Polish food.

That all comes to an end when Finn witnesses Roza being kidnapped. Unfortunately, Finn cannot describe the man who took her and the police and Sean believes she just left on her own.

Bone Gap shifts between several POVs, the main ones being Finn and Roza. Finn is desperate to find Roza and Roza longs to be back with the O’Sullivans. To free Roza, the answer has been under Finn’s nose the entire time.

I am going to be quite frank, this book is boring. NOTHING happens for the first 280 pages. We get a little back story, some romance, and a ridiculous amount of magical realism. If you are looking for a book with magical realism, I recommend an Alice Hoffman book. Bone Gap has magical realism laced all throughout and it just seems forced, not natural. And it felt like my brain was in a fog reading this.

The characters are very shallow. Even Finn isn’t relatable or memorable. The brothers’ relationship isn’t explored, we know nothing about the rest of the people of Bone Gap. The only well-developed character is Roza, leaving everyone else underwhelming.

PS- The horse was my favorite.

If you want to be bored to death and read a book that makes you feel like you drank a bottle of Nyquil, then please pick up Bone Gap.

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby receives 2 stars.


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