Friday Introductions Tag

This tag was started by Rose of Finding Land. It’s a simple idea of introducing yourself (or anything) that you normally wouldn’t on the blog.

Today, I’m going to introduce my dogs! You might have seen their photos on my ‘About’ page, but most of them were when they were puppies.

We adopted Ellie a month and a half before we got married. I really wanted a companion at the time. I didn’t have a job and staying at home was really boring. So I went to the pound and found Ellie.


Unfortunately, she has been abused very badly. She doesn’t walk on a leash and doesn’t let people approach her. We’ve been trying to work with her for two years, but we haven’t made any progress. But she’s perfectly happy being in the pen (or running around loose for six months, sigh).

Two days after we adopted her, we went to the vet and found out that she was pregnant. I was so excited because it meant I would finally have a puppy!

While we were on our honeymoon, Ellie had her puppies. There were 4 total, but only two made it. So we are now proud owners of 3 beagles! (I never thought I would own a beagle, but here I am, rocking the beagle life.)


Gibson is the bigger male. He was named after the Gibson banjo (my husband’s instrument). I promised him if there was a boy, we would name him Gibson. Gibson is definitely a momma’s boy. We were able to spend a lot of one on one time together when he was a puppy. I take him to work with me on Fridays sometimes. So we have a special bond. Some of the silly pictures are of him telling me to put the camera down and pet him.


Lily was called Libby for the longest time. The pups were Gibby and Libby for ages. So we decided to call her Lily since it was close to Libby. Lily has never met a stranger. She’s super outgoing and LOVES going to the vet. She also enjoys being the princess that she is and bosses the other beagles around.

I really cannot imagine my life without them now. They are outdoor dogs, so I’m not with them ALL the time. I wish they were, but my husband is obsessed with a clean house haha!

So those are my lovely fur babies!

I tag Chloe with Coffee with Clo!

And YOU! If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!


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