Journal Prompt Week 17: Write a Letter to Teenage You

Oh boy, here we go.

It is all going to work out.

That test that you were worried about, it’s not going to hurt you.

That boy that you thought you were so desperately in love with, he’s not going to matter.

You are going to figure out what you want to do with you life.

You will gradually become closer to make reading an actual career.

You will make lifelong friendships down the road.

Your timing is not always the right timing. Be patient with your life.

Hug your parents a little tighter, they aren’t the enemy and they can become your biggest allies.

Save money. Save money. Save money. (Don’t buy that handbag, it isn’t even designer and you will get rid of it to make room for the designer ones) But books are ok. Always buy books.

Join a book club, you will never regret it.

You will have regrets, but life has so much more in store.

All actions have consequences, both good and bad. Think through those decisions, they will affect more people than you realize.


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