Spring/Summer Book Goals

Dare I say it. . . SPRING IS HERE!!! I’m from the southern states of the US, living in a colder state is not fun. I’ve definitely seen more snow than I ever want to in my entire life. I’m tired of the cold. It’s just not cool anymore. (pun intended)

While I was performing some mindless tasks, I thought about doing a post with some goals for the spring and summer. They are simple, not too complicated. And they are NOT TBRs. (You can read my view of TBRs here)


Books on the Nightstand

Like I said above and before, I’m not a personal fan of TBRs for myself because I NEVER follow them. I rarely read any title from this huge stack that I committed to. With ‘Books on the Nightstand’ posts, I’m going to have a stack of books on my nightstand that I will try to read over the next few months. If I don’t, that’s fine. They will be there, in easy reach, for late night reading and lazy mornings. Easy right? We’ll see how it goes. I’ll give biweekly updates about them and see where I stand then.

Library Books

My bookshelves are so overflowing, it’s not even funny. I have 5 bookshelves in my home, and I still have books stacked up everywhere. How my husband puts up with I don’t know (probably because I let him have his banjos and guitars lay all over my living room floor).

When I finish a book I own I like to donate it to the library if I’m not going to read it again. I can write it off on my taxes and help supplement the library’s current book selections (they love me). BUT it’s been very hard to go to the library and not browse their shelves, I mean who CAN resist? I end up coming home with WAY too many books than I can read. I have two stacks of library books, each from two different counties. My goal for this season is to only borrow ONE library book a month. Can I do it? I’ll try!


I’m a BOTM subscriber and I love it. It helps me to stay on top of the new books coming out and to see debut authors. I’m totally backed up on BOTMs. I’m actually going to skip the next few months so I can catch up on reading them. I’m hoping to shoot for one BOTM a month to get that stack shorter.

Kindle Books

I love the website BookBub. They send you an email EVERYDAY. It’s a list of books in your favorite genres, some are on sale and some are free. With an email everyday, I have definitely built up a HUGE Kindle library. I want to actually start reading some of them. I hope to read one every two months.

So these are my goals for the next couple of months. Nothing TOO specific, but something broad that I can work towards.

Do you have any summer reading goals?


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