Book Review: The Sky Drifter

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00023]The Sky Drifter is a large space ship making its way through the vast galaxy. On board the Sky Drifter, the residences are named by number and have established their own town, school, and community. The Sky Drifter is home to many different species that coexist, including Seven, the only human on the ship. Seven and the rest of the younger passengers attend The Academy, the ship’s school that teaches everything from cooking to math to strategy.

Seven spends his days attending classes, hanging out with Iris and Pi, and playing Sphere (one on one dodge ball on steroids). He is content with his life until he notices another human like himself. He looks for the girl while his two best friends think he’s crazy. What follows is a series of events that makes Seven realize that not everything is as it seems.

I haven’t read a really good sci-fi in a while, so this one was really satisfying. It has space exploration, variety of characters, and good ole classic high school issues.

The book gives a flash of the future at the beginning and I found it very confusing as I started to read the book. The opening scene is action packed and leads my mind thinking about the possibilities of how the book will build up to that. The majority of the novel is the reader following Seven as he deals with the norms of high school. For being almost uneventful, I actually enjoyed it. And then we have the nice surprise of an action packed ending that I didn’t see coming!

I’m definitely hoping for a sequel!

The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer receives 3.5 stars.

This book was read in collaboration with Finding Land. You can read Rose’s review here.

Thank you to BookGobbler free ebook in exchange for a review. You can get your free copy on their website.


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