Book Review: American Pharoah

27247054.jpgAmerican Pharoah took the world by storm in 2015 by winning the Triple Crown, ending a 30+ year drought. This book tells American Pharoah’s story, and that of the team of people who made it possible.

In the 2018 Kentucky Derby, there was a horse named Audible. Thanks to Audible placing in the Derby, Audible made this audiobook free! How great is that?

I’ve been a horse lover for as long as I can remember. I don’t buy horse paraphernalia anymore, but I do remember reading the Thoroughbred books and getting a glimpse at the horse racing world. I try to catch the Triple Crown races every year, but most of the time I fail. I do remember Big Brown. And I do remember seeing American Pharoah. I didn’t see all his races, but I remember the Derby.

This book begins with the legendary horse’s dam and sire. We follow the colt from conception to retirement. From the owners, to the barns, to the trainings, the reader gets it all. We hear from the owners, trainers, jockeys, and other individuals involved with American Pharoah’s journey to the winner’s circle.

If you enjoy race horsing, this is an interesting look at the events (both good and bad) surrounding the 2015 Triple Crown winner.

American Pharoah by Joe Drape receives 3 stars.

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