Book Review: The Silent Girls

20603050Frank Rath retired from the police force after his sister’s murder. Now he works as a private investigator to the police, allowing him to work outside the law when necessary. When a beautiful, young girl is reported missing, Rath is called in to help with the case.

The girl’s car is found, but very few clues. Then a body is found in the river. The body is not that of missing Mandy, but another missing girl. Her body is mutilated and covered in markings. This leads the team to look at other missing cases in the area.

Rath’s daughter Rachel goes undercover to help solve the case. But when her boyfriend calls Rath looking for Rachel, the case escalates to try to save Rachel in time.

The Silent Girls is actually the second book in its series. I borrowed the audiobook without realizing, but it can be read as a stand alone. All the background I needed was explained in this installment.

Rickstad’s writing is very well done. I enjoyed every bit of this book and couldn’t stop listening. I was on the edge of my seat. I’m pretty good at figuring out these types of mystery novels, but this one was really tricky. Mandy’s case is really well done and it took me by surprise.

The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad receives 4 stars.



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