The Great American Read

PBS has put on a search for The Great American Read. You can watch the two hour launch special on their website. This is so great. I'm super excited. A number of my favorites made it on the list. And I received several recommendations as well. The rest of the episodes air in September leading... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Silent Girls

Frank Rath retired from the police force after his sister's murder. Now he works as a private investigator to the police, allowing him to work outside the law when necessary. When a beautiful, young girl is reported missing, Rath is called in to help with the case. The girl's car is found, but very few... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Unknown Varient

Unknown Variant takes place in the future with all of civilization being classified by their DNA. There are the 'Normies,' those who are genetically pure, and the GIs, those who are genetically inferior. Everything is divided between the Normies and the GIs: cities, food, housing, work, health care etc. Layla Mason is a GI working... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Sourdough

Lois Clary is the millennial who has it all. She has graduated with a degree in computer science and started working for a software company in Michigan. She is then recruited through her LinkedIn profile for a position at General Dexterity, a company in San Francisco designing robot arms. She accepts the job and moves... Continue Reading →

Book Review: American Wolf

For years there have been no wolves in Yellowstone. The deer and other animals have had no serious predators and over ran the vegetation in the park. Then the decision was made to reintroduce the wolves to Yellowstone. Wolves from Canada were captured, tagged, and collared before release into Yellowstone. The wolves formed packs, established... Continue Reading →

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