Book Review: Hungry Heart

I started Hungry Heart only because the title kept popping up in my Overdrive. I'm attempting (haven't even started) to be a more serious writer, and I thought this book would have more insight about the career. It did, but it also contained much more. Jennifer Weiner is a women's fiction writer. She narrates her... Continue Reading →

Morning Pages

While mindless listening to YouTube videos at work, I stumbled across a really cool channel called Lavendaire. I instantly fell in love. Anything that is self-help to success, goal setting, being productive is something that really pulls me in. Do I actually apply these things and have my life all together? Come on, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Deep Work

I've really been on the self-help hype lately, can't explain it. Maybe I'm going for a whole new mindset on the career side of life at the moment. Who knows. I first heard about Deep Work from listening to Cal Newport on a TedTalk. (Side Note: Listening to TedTalks on playlists at work is a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Norse Mythology

I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology, Hercules is my favorite Disney movie hands down. And my husband actually likes it too. I bought him a book about it, and he hasn't even opened it up. I read Circe last month and wanted to see what the Norse mythology had to say. I started reading... Continue Reading →

Book Review: I Was Anastasia

This book is actually one I DNF-ed. But I'm going to talk about it anyway. I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon begins with Ana Anderson, a woman in a lawsuit trying to prove she is Anastasia Romanov. I requested this book on NetGalley since I'm always a fan of Romanov history. Why, I don't know.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Crooked Kingdom

Oh my heart. If you have followed my blog over the past two months, you know that I absolutely loved Six of Crows. It was a badass, dark tale of outlaws who accomplished the impossible, only to be double crossed. Now Kaz and his gang of thugs are out for their revenge, but it won't... Continue Reading →

IT Reading Project

Call me weird, crazy, stupid for attempting to read this. I'm terrified. Not just because of the content, but the shear mass of book this is. I've known about IT for a while and the trauma it caused the country in its relationship to clowns. I've seen pictures from the old movie and clips and... Continue Reading →

Great American Read Kick Off

Tomorrow begins PBS's countdown to America's Greatest Read!! I am super excited about this series. And it begins tomorrow night! Every Tuesday night until til October 23rd (MY BDAY!!!). Check your local PBS station for showing times near you.  

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