IT Reading Project

Call me weird, crazy, stupid for attempting to read this. I’m terrified. Not just because of the content, but the shear mass of book this is.

I’ve known about IT for a while and the trauma it caused the country in its relationship to clowns. I’ve seen pictures from the old movie and clips and BTS content of the 2017 movie. (oh, and the creepiest realistic IT at Dragoncon 2018)

I’m not a terror fan at all. AT ALL. Scooby-Doo gave me nightmares as a kid. (Note: I have hence overcome this fear, Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc is a great comeback series.) But I thought if I would start with a terror movie/book, it should be IT. Do I regret my decision? Slightly.


I want to complete IT by October 31, 2018. My copy of IT is 1153 pages long. From today, Halloween is 48 days away. That gives me a little over 24 pages a day to complete IT. Now, I have already started it, I’m currently on page 40. So that gives me the tiniest bit of cushion to stick to this reading plan.

Wish me luck! I’ll try to do weekly updates, but I’m not promising anything.

I already read 40 pages and was expecting a clown to be lurking outside the house at 5:45am as I got into my car. *rapid heart beating*

Hopefully I’ll make it through this without too much trauma, I wasn’t the biggest fan of clowns anyway. . .

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  1. Don’t get me wrong but I have laughed at this so much haha it was so funny! but I do understand the horror about the book I mean it is huge! and the audiobook is 45 hours… that is insane! 24 pages a day I think it is something you can totally achieve! I will try to stay tuned to check your weekly updates ❀

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