Book Review: Crooked Kingdom

22299763Oh my heart.

If you have followed my blog over the past two months, you know that I absolutely loved Six of Crows. It was a badass, dark tale of outlaws who accomplished the impossible, only to be double crossed. Now Kaz and his gang of thugs are out for their revenge, but it won’t be an easy task.

Crooked Kingdom picks up right where Six of Crows left off. The gang is scattered and a few are in danger. Kaz must come up with his most complex and outrageous plans to not only get them out of trouble, but to seek his revenge and money as well.

In Kaz Brekker style, revenge is an epic plan that surprises even the reader.

I didn’t read Crooked Kingdom as fast as I was anticipating, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t any less entertaining than Six of Crows. We get more backstory on all the characters and we get a deeper understanding of each of them. We see Wylan’s struggle at home, Jesper’s hidden secret, and introduction to new characters.

Kaz is still reigning as my fictional boyfriend. His mind is so evil and cunning, it’s so much to read about. Even when Kaz’s plans gets spoiled, he overcomes every single time. I think this is what I like most about him. No matter how hard life gets, he always has a back up plan.

The romance between the different characters is also touching. Each one has their own baggage, but the relationships are so perfect in their own way.

If you love heists, anti-heroes, and a touch of twisted romance, Crooked Kingdom is for you.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo receives 5 stars.

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