Book Review: Hungry Heart

16130440.jpgI started Hungry Heart only because the title kept popping up in my Overdrive. I’m attempting (haven’t even started) to be a more serious writer, and I thought this book would have more insight about the career. It did, but it also contained much more.

Jennifer Weiner is a women’s fiction writer. She narrates her book from her early childhood to present day and she is hilarious!

Hearing the author read her own story has a connection in and of itself, and you can definitely tell it here. Weiner had her own struggles in life and in becoming a writer, but she lovingly brings all that to the stage.

Though this is not a book directed to young girls, I wish I would have picked this book up years ago. Weiner is the woman’s woman. She broke my heart with stories of school and bullying, the relationship with her dad, career difficulties, and in finding love. And the best part about it?

It was all completely relatable.

Weiner doesn’t try to paint a pretty picture or tell us that it all gets better or she learns so much from the hard times. School was complete misery for her, only being known as annoying ‘Fat Jenny.’

What we do learn from Weiner is to not think about what others think of you. Just treat yourself with respect and you’ll be ok.

Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner receives 4 stars.

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