IT Reading Project Update 2

As you all know, I’m trying to read IT by the end of October. And I still have hope that I can make this happen!

I have excellent progress in the beginning of the week, but it really slacked off with being busy with life. But I made it through another 100 pages.


Now that I have an understanding of the demon/monster/ demon monster clown, I’m not afraid to walk outside at night anymore. I’ve seen clips of all the movies and we are presented with a creepy, deadly, evil clown that preys on children. While this is a truth in the book, it’s not necessarily a whole truth.

Without spoilers, the clown appears as an image of the child’s fear with the clothes of a clown being the one consistent factor. Which makes it more or less terrifying. Terrifying, because It appears as your greatest fear. Less terrifying in that It does not appear as the horrendous clown we see in the movie (clips). *Disclaimer: I have not read the book before or watched any of the movies, I’m only making assumptions from the movie clips and then comparing with what I am reading in the book.

Anyway, I’m currently on page 351, with 802 pages remaining. I can make my goal if I read 38 pages a day.

Still keeping my fingers crossed!



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