Favorite Influencers

This is just going to be a quick post about some of my favorite influencers. These people are behind the blogs, videos, and book recs that I follow on a regular basis.


Carly the Prepster

I have been following Carly since I was in college. Her college tips and organization skills were something that I envied. And here she is, with her own company, and doing what she loves. Carly posts everyday about fashion, advice, life, and everything else in between.

Rachel Parcel – Pink Peonies

Rachel is actually one the top (if not THE top) paid blogger in the US. Her blog is mainly fashion and being sponsored by brands, but the extra content she puts in is just lovely. I enjoy her work out posts as well as her family. Rachel and her husband Drew are currently building their dream home and it is to die for!

Maxie McCoy

Maxie has been a bff to Carly for as long as I’ve been following her blog. Maxie has launched her own company to empower women to live their dreams and live their best life. She always has some advice and something inspirational I need to hear. I’ve pre-ordered her book and can’t wait to read it!



Lavendaire has been my jam lately. She is an artist of life with lifestyle and life organization tips we all need in our life. I’ve been putting her playlist on repeat and listening to the advice she has. Definitely check her out!

From Beginning to Book End

Hannah Greendale is celebrating over a year on booktube. She brings an author’s touch to her reviews and really gets into the technical aspect of writing and plot structure. But her videos are hilarious and her personality shines through. Some of my favorite books over the past year have come from her recommendations.

Raw Alignment

Alysse is a raw vegan youtuber and I just love ‘what I eat in a day’ videos. They are inspirational and interesting. I’m personally am not vegan, but I do fix some of her recipes for a meatless night. She also hosts her own retreats on Hawaii. Her channel is full of good vibes and good times.

Flo Fam

The lovely Fruit Flowers is run by Kate, Mae, and Elijah Flowers they are vegans, but their content is so much more than food. Definitely check them out for inspiration and just everyday life stuff


Emily May

If you are on Goodreads, then you know who Emily May is. You can find a review written by her in almost every book. She was even interviewed as the most popular book review. Originally from the UK, Emily reviews most new books on Goodreads. Her reviews are thorough and mostly spot on. I definitely read every review she posts, even if I know I’m not going to read that particular book.

Chelsea Humphrey

Chelsea reviews books on her blog The Suspense is Thrilling Me. She mostly does suspense and thriller novels, but she does add other genres. Her reviews are mostly high and positive.

Miranda Reads

I’ve recently started follow Miranda’s reviews, and they are so funny! They are honest and open and she spares on mercy. Check out her Twilight review and The Maze Runner review if you need a good laugh.


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