IT Reading Project Update 3

So nothing has gone as planned. Murphy’s Law.

I actually had a whole check list of blog/reading related items and of course a storm came through and our satellite internet didn’t work. Sigh.

Overall, I actually haven’t finished a book in about two weeks. From working my way through the monstrosity of IT, discovering some incredible podcasts, and dealing with life (my house is CLEAN!), I just haven’t had that much time.


But right now I am on page 517 of 1153. Approximately 45% finished. NOT. EVEN. HALFWAY. THROUGH. It’s a satisfying feeling that I get to spend more time with these characters, but not where I wanted to be.

My deadline is in THREE days and I somehow need to find time to read 636 pages. That’s 212 pages a day. Possible? Yes, with careful planning and strategizing. I’m going to try my best to get as far as I can.

Wish me luck!

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