The Biltmore Estate

Can’t believe our trip is already over. Whenever we head somewhere, I never want to come back home.


The Biltmore is an experience like no other. Brent and I toured the house in 2014 and always wanted to go back. We finally decided to have it as our destination for our birthday trip. *

*Instead of birthday gifts, my husband and I like to use our money to take trips and make memories together. This is a lot more fun and meaningful, especially that we don’t have children yet. 

We arrived at 7:30ish on Friday night. The traffic was horrible and Brent was not very happy for a while. We called ahead and made reservations at Cedric’s Tavern in the Village.


We chose to stay at The Village Hotel. There are three options on the estate. The Inn, The Village, and The Cottage. We definitely didn’t want The Cottages. Our choices ended up being either The Inn or The Village. What really made our decision was The Village was the only place that had a king size bed available. And to be honest I’m glad we stayed here.


The Inn is a four star hotel, expensive, but worth the money. The Village is cheaper AND a walking distance from all the shops, restaurants, and winery. If we had stayed at The Inn, we would have to Shuttle everywhere.

Dinner at Cedric’s Tavern did not meat our expectations. It was a weird variety on the menu and nothing that really stood out for us. The wine was amazing.

After dinner, we headed back to our room. It was really tiny, but cute. I felt that it could have been a comfortable tiny house with a few adjustments. I don’t have any photos available.

In the morning, we woke to eat breakfast at The Village Social. This was a very good meal, and probably the best food we ate the whole trip. I ate Lox and Bagel both times. Brent had a breakfast biscuit that was his favorite. The next morning, he tried the biscuits and gravy, which were really good as well.

We needed to kill time before heading to the winery, so we popped into town to see one of the ‘famous’ bookshops. More on that in another post.

The winery is probably the best thing about Biltmore. We did a tasting to see what we would like and then selected wines to take home. Brent and I both enjoyed the Christmas White and Red, as well as some other selections. The winery itself has so many to choose from, and special reserve wines too. We ended up joining the wine club to expand our horizons. Our first shipment arrives next month!

After lots of samples of wine and selecting goodies to take home, we ate lunch at the Bistro. They made a wonderful cranberry mule with rosemary, I highly recommend it when it’s in season. Lunch was still below our expectations, especially for the price!

We purchased the Candlelight Evening tickets to view the house at night, but since our tickets were not til 10pm (due to mistakes on our reservations) we decided to view the house during the day. We took a shuttle to the house and enjoyed some of the shops and views.


Tea service on display in the tapestry hall


GORGEOUS trees lining the tapestry hall just outside the library.


My second favorite painting in the house – just noticed this one for the first time on this trip!

Mrs. Vanderbilt’s room, beautiful vanity and lounge.

These photos are just the upper part of the house. My phone camera quit working halfway through and I have no photos of the downstairs.

My feet ached so bad after this tour. I recommend comfortable shoes!

We decided to try dinner at The Village Social and is delicious! I recommend the beer battered brussel sprouts and the shrimp and grits.

After dinner we toured the house at night. The ambiance was different and they even opened up some rooms that we’ve never seem before. I recommend doing both experiences, but not in the same trip. By the time we were done with the upper house, Brent did not want to go to the basement again, I didn’t blame him.

Our morning was spent at The Village Social for breakfast and some last minute shopping in the winery and Village.

Everything on the estate is expensive. Dining and shops are quite pricey. So if you plan a trip, factor that into your budget.

Brent and I would definitely go again.



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