The Biltmore Estate: The Library

Over this past weekend, my husband and I took a quick get away to the beautiful Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore is America’s largest private home. It was built by the Vanderbilts in 1889 and continued to be in the family even to this day. When you enter the estate, you really feel that you have stepped back in time. Think of it as Downton Abbey, but Americans.

I have two favorite rooms in the whole house. The first, of course being the library.

*These photos were taken on a phone, excuse the lower quality

As you enter the library, there is this gorgeous painting on the right. It’s one of my favorites in the whole house.


And then you enter into the most perfect, cozy, expansive room full of all kinds of books.


This whole library is two levels. This is the lower level on the right as you enter. There are many first editions and rare books in this room.


And here is the main area of the room. Comfy, high-backed chairs and couches face a huge fire place. There is a table behind the couch for research and holding books.

And of course it is Christmas time, and the beautiful tree looks even better in person. You can just barely see some of the artwork on the ceiling. It’s like looking up at a smaller scale of the Sistine Chapel.


The huge fire place. And the Chinese vase that is part of the Vanderbilt art collection. Can you imagine reading by this fireplace????


This is a picture of a section of the upper level of the library. If you notice, there is a hidden door to the left of the fireplace. This door led to the second floor hall. This was to ensure that guests could access the library and take books back to their rooms.


Overall, the Biltmore is a beautiful place to visit. I’ll share more about the trip later.

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