Book Review: Only in India

41049013.jpgYou may recognize Jill Dobbe from her previous book, Kids, Camels, Cairo. I absolutely loved her book and her writing style. I was thrilled when I found out that she was writing another book.

Only In India is Jill and Dan’s life experiences in India working as international educators. Every few years, they travel to teach at different schools around the globe. And each story is more wonderful than the last!

Jill’s writing is so simple and easy. It just flows so well and I find myself reading pages and pages with ease. And the stories are funny and bizarre and beautiful.

Jill tells tales of traveling all over India in her free time. She visited the Taj Mahal, rode an elephant, toured Ghandi’s home, and so many other adventures in this magical country.

My favorite bits were Dan escaping from fearsome monkeys when he went out for runs.

What is really compelling about all of Jill’s books is that they introduce you to a new culture you may otherwise not experience. I felt myself right next to Jill in the hot, humid, and smelly atmosphere of the airport, the peaceful tranquility of northern India, and the chaos of city roads. You can even smell the spices of Indian cooking. She brings her experiences to you and makes you long for a place you’ve never been.

I’ve even been able to talk about India with a coworker who is from there.

Jill’s book is educational, funny, and heartwarming all in one.

Only in India by Jill Dobbe receives 5 stars.



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