Malaprops Bookstore: Asheville, NC

I’ve mentioned before that the main purpose of the Asheville trip was to be a tour of the local bookshops. Then we turned it into a Biltmore trip. And we’re very happy with the change.

The most unusual and popular bookshop that we did visit was Malaprops.

The first thing you notice is a lot of upcoming author events.

The second thing, is their book selection.

The entire store is employee selections. So you see some popular titles, and unknown titles as well.

Here is a whole selection of anthologies. This included 1920s crime and huge book on female detectives.


They also had a whole section for a blind date with a book! I’ve seen them online and couldn’t wait find one myself.


And here is my selection!!! I can’t wait to read it!


Here is my entire book haul for the store: ( House on Fire is actually an ARC. If you spend a certain amount of money, you can select an ARC for free)




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