Book Review: The Road to Jonestown

40726412You know I have a true crime obsession by now. I listen to true crime podcasts, read the occasional crime book, and sometimes was ID TV. The Road to Jonestown came up on Overdrive at my library and I knew I had to read it soon.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t drink the koolaid.” This event is where we get this phrase. Gunn has done an EXCELLENT job in researching and putting this series of events together. This book is quite a big one!

Gunn begins with the early life of Jim Jones and how he came to be one of the biggest and most powerful ‘preachers’ of the time. His influence stretched over the nation and into other countries as well.

People were drawn to this man and his followers eventually formed People’s Temple. The church seemed to be doing so much good on the outside. They formed homes for the elderly, helped people overcome addictions, advocated for civil rights, and so many other wonderful programs with great results.

But on the inside, things were different. Jim Jones took young women to be his concubines, members were forced to give the majority of their income to the church, members were beaten and abused as a form of punishment, and children were being raised in communal homes away from their parents.

We know the tragedy that happened to end Jim Jones and People’s Temple and this book gives a very detailed journey towards the devastating and disgusting outcome.

I’ve debated and thought about this rating for weeks. The writing and research was superb! But the length of the book made the story really drag on. And the subject matter was difficult to read.

The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Gunn receives 3 stars.



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