2019 Goals – 100 Books

Last year I was able to read 100 books. It’s my first time completing this goal and I barely made it. I was reading on the way to a NYE’s party. This year I want to read 100 books, but I don’t want to be as stressed to get it done.

I haven’t been doing a TBR for a long time. I did not like the constraints to a certain list of books. I prefer the freedom to read whatever I feel like reading. Or actually read the book that has been sitting on my shelf for years. I can read more when I’m flexible with myself.

I also have a different routine every night. This helps me reduce screen time (more on that later) and to have a schedule for reading. I definitely need to read before bed. It’s my alone time and my time to wind down without a blue screen.

What are your book goals for the year?

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